Making Glass Pedestal Coffee Table

Pedestal coffee table – Pedestal tables with glass tops are very popular these days. Glass lids are ideal for any old table or sculpture on theround supplement. By definition, a pedestal table having a single column support, such as a block or marble vanity unit where a flat surface such as glass can be mounted in a way that the entire assembly becomes a useful table. Tapas colorless or colored glass are an option, but an antique mirror glass also functions as a cover glass unusual, if it is mounted securely on a pedestal base, as a robust, regular coffee table.

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Choose a pedestal coffee table base with a height of 16-30 inches. Measure the depth and width. The pedestals can come in a variety of materials: marble block inheritance hardwood furniture, river rock, sculptures, urns and large vases – even a carved chest. Stone sculptures and river must be professionally planed flat for glass to sit.

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Pedestal coffee table, calculating the dimensions of the desired glass cover. Ideally, the glass lid must have a lip protruding from 4-6 inches from the edge of the pedestal. In short, the circumference of the cover glass should be 4-6 larger than the pedestal inches. Ask for a glass top with the following specifications: beveled edge, degree of tempered safety, dyeing, specify the width and depth / circumference, as desired. It will handle the delivery and help with installation.

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