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Screened in gazebo – The main obstacle to the conversion of a traditional gazebo structure is a greenhouse roof. While a gazebo has a closed structure that allows it to serve as a shelter during storms, a greenhouse usually has a transparent glass roof that allows for maximum sun exposure. If your viewpoint is built on a high point, it is relatively unfrequented by trees, vegetation and buildings, or is quite high, you have enough light coming through the sides to leave the covered roof.

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Otherwise, the greenhouse effect will benefit from a clear roof. For roofing materials selected varieties of plastic or glass that are specially designed to withstand hail and flying debris. When selecting a transparent roof of your screened in gazebo, check local building codes and ordinances neighborhood to ensure it meets all requirements.

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If you invest in a ready-to-build prefabricated screened in gazebo or correct dimensions, may be able to mount doors or windows used each of its sides. Glass is the traditional material used to construct greenhouses which remains transparent, unlike some plastic alternatives. In addition, it is very strong. However, it has a tendency to become brittle and break and is more expensive than other materials if purchased new. If you choose to recycle doors or windows for use in your greenhouse, there is a possibility that they have no resistance fragment. For added protection, layer of glass recycled with the film to reduce the chances of accidents. See public auctions, yard sales, local window installers or suppliers and junk yards for old doors or windows that conform to the law.

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